Long Overdue Update

Posted: 11th November 2008 by Jurgen in News

Well, here we are a few days later into this adventure, and what a great time!

I’m still hitting some shoals, but there’s fewer and fewer.

But let’s have a quick recap.

Monday was an awesome shoot of the news footage. Thank you Spruce for a wonderful performance as Paige, and thank you Terry for standing in as a Blackhand extra. Even I would feel intimidated. PAC studio is great, and the people were super friendly. Loved it.

Tuesday, the rain was threatening, so Rita skillfully swapped it with Friday’s scene which was in a nice and dry parking garage (warm too), which had a few minor interruptions (OK, maybe not so minor), but it was still a lot of fun. Eric, Baby Z and Matthew were great. Thanks Eric for his great ideas.

And Wednesday… Wednesday could’ve been a nightmare — when we got there, the location was flooded with 2 feet of water (I’m European, so those 2 feet may be completely off the mark), and it was a A/C room. I pondered for a quick second on the virtues of subjecting the actors to a water scene, but visions of the Titanic quickly dissuaded me ;-)

Big shout out to Harlan, one of the co-owners of Brave New Bookstore for getting us permission to use it in the firs place, and to Mike, building owner, for finding us an even better, more spacious location for the torture room scene. The room was gritty and harsh… it was a thing of beauty. Danny, Al and Ron did beautiful, and special thanks to David for sitting in as a torture-victim and "sweating" for us — much appreciated! Thanks Terry for some really cool camera angles :)

But let’s not forget our PAs: Anne, Dennis and Deliah — your help is very much appreciated!

And to our star Script Supervisor, Laura — I know I haven’t thanked you enough. I really appreciate your help.

Last shout out to Blake for the use of his beautiful Mustang and for standing in. And to Dottie and Steph for the pictures and wonderful company :)

Can’t wait to start getting paid for this work — why would anyone want to do anything else for a living?

See ya,

  1. Elcoj says:

    Ugh, I liked! So clear and positively.


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